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Sampled Inspection System

WA Electrical Inspectors inspect a broad range of electrical installations within residential, commercial and industrial premises. Inspections are generated after electrical contractors submit Notices to Western Power.

Our system of inspection

WA Electrical Inspectors uses a sampled inspection system to verify that work completed by electrical contractors and workers has been completed safely and in accordance with legislated requirements.

Electrical workers are initially assigned a sample rate of 1. This means that all notifiable work undertaken by the electrical worker will be inspected after Western Power receives Notices of Completion.

The worker’s sample rate is adjusted incrementally after a number of satisfactory inspections, reflecting the worker’s experience and safe installation practices. The maximum sample rate for an electrical worker is 10.

When defects are identified in an installation, an Inspector's Order is issued. If the defect is serious, the electrical worker’s sample rate will be reset to 1. Serious non-compliances may also be reported to the technical and safety regulator, EnergySafety, for possible further action.

Defect prevention

Most of the serious defects our designated Electrical Inspectors come across during inspections of notifiable work could easily have been prevented through proper testing and verification procedures.

Electrical contractors should ensure they have proper testing procedures and associated documentation including test sheets and checklists. Regular audits of electrical work and associated documentation can help electrical contractors ensure that these procedures are being followed and the work being performed is sound.