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FAQ for in the home

WAEI does not undertake inspections of all electrical work. Our inspection system is dependent on a number of factors including the sample rate of the electrical worker and the type of work undertaken.

If your installation is subject to inspection, a designated electrical inspector will often attend within a few days but can be up to 3 months after completion of the work. 

No. Unfortunately we are unable to perform inspections upon request. Inspections are generated, subject to our sampled inspection system, when new electrical work is undertaken and a Notice of Completion is submitted.

A licensed electrical contractor will be able undertake an inspection of your electrical installation and provide advice as to its compliance.

Should the electrical contractor identify any part of your electrical installation to be unsafe, they are required to make the installation safe and report the installation to the relevant network operator. Minor defects are not required to be reported to the network operator.

We are unable to provide such recommendations. If you require assistance with finding a licensed electrical contractor, industry bodies such as the National Electrical Communications Association (phone (08) 6241 6100) or Master Electricians (phone 1300 889 198) will be able to assist you.

Yes. Designated Inspectors (Electricity) have powers that allow them to access premises without notice for the purposes of ensuring the safety of electrical installations. All our inspectors have police clearance and must carry identification to confirm their authenticity.