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WA Electrical Inspectors are designated by the technical and safety regulator, EnergySafety. We conduct inspections of new electrical installations to verify that work is safe and compliant.

Inspections of new electrical installing work

When you have electrical work carried out by a licensed electrical contractor, their work may be subject to inspection by one of our designated Electrical Inspectors. Electrical work is automatically selected for inspection in accordance with our sampled inspection system.

Electrical Inspectors undertake a compliance inspection of the work performed by your licensed electrical contractor.

If an Inspector identifies that any of the work is not compliant with the relevant Australian Standards, he or she will issue an Inspector's Order. This is a legal document providing details of the work that must be carried out to make the installation compliant.

In exceptional circumstances, where the Electrical Inspector considers an installation to be unsafe, it may be necessary to isolate electrical circuits or disconnect the installation from the electricity supply.

Can I request an inspection?

WA Electrical Inspectors perform inspections of new electrical installations in accordance with legislated requirements and our sampled inspection system. Unfortunately we are not able to offer on-request inspection services.

If you wish to have someone check your electrical installation for compliance, a licensed electrical contractor will be able to assist you.